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Stupendously Simple Marketing


Create Buzztag

You create a personalized hashtag, a buzztag if you will, that will act as a trigger for us to swing into action.


Scan Facebook

Buzz Frenzy monitors your feed to locate your buzztag on a minute by minute basis.

Find Buzztags

Buzz Frenzy locates your buzztag and automatically applies targeted geographics, demographics, and psychographics.

Boost Posts

Buzz Frenzy displays your post to customers who are looking for what you are selling in your area.

We Put An
Entire Marketing Team
In Your Hashtag

Buzz Frenzy doesn’t simply get more people to see you, it gets more CUSTOMERS to see you.
When you only advertise to people who are already interested in your business you save a lot of money.
Post to Facebook like normal and add your buzztag. We’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

Facebook takes all of the likes, comments, and shares from their site and uses them to paint very detailed descriptions of not just what a person “likes”, but what will cause them to take action. As some of the top-level thought leaders in social media marketing we take this incredibly powerful information and use it for your benefit. We find people who are predisposed to buy what you are selling and put your business in front of them. How do we do that? Buzz Frenzy has developed Advanced Customer Targeting for 117 industries from accountants to wedding planners. We advertise only to people who have already shown that they are interested in your product or service. When you apply this type of pinpoint targeting to your advertising you only spend money on people who WANT to hear your message. There is a huge savings when you aren’t wasting money on everybody else.

Advanced Customer Targeting

We constantly monitor your Facebook feed. When we see you have used your personalized hashtag (your Buzztag) on a post we swing into action. We take your post, apply our Advanced Customer targeting to it, and send it out to be seen by people who want what you are selling. We let you create your own unique hashtag (a Buzztag). It can be whatever you want it to be. Use it just like you would any other hashtag. When you do we apply our targeting data to the post and put it in front of people who want what you are selling. Buzz Frenzy wants to make your life easier. We built the program specifically to be powerful, yet wickedly simple. It is so easy, in fact, some people don’t believe it.

Buzztags Are Smart

Buzz Frenzy is fueled by some of the foremost thought leaders in social media marketing. We have already built out industry-leading Advanced Customer Targeting data for your market segment. Not to brag (yes, to brag) we are really good at it. And, we meter out your marketing budget to maximize its impact. We know you have a lot to do. Don’t waste your time. You don’t have to hire a staff. You don’t need to contract with an agency. We have already done the heavy lifting. Just add your Buzztag and get back to what you do best: running your business.

It IS That Easy

The reason Buzz Frenzy is so affordable is for the same reason it is so effective. Buzz Frenzy only spends money advertising to your potential customers and does not waste it on people who aren’t interested. Buzz Frenzy watches your feed and when it sees your personalized hashtag (your Buzztag) it puts your post in front of potential customers. Each Buzzed post gets a certain amount of adspend applied to it. Buzz Frenzy has developed a unique algorithm that meters out your monthly budget based on how often you Buzz. If you Buzz often, less money is applied to each post. If you Buzz less frequently, more money is applied to each post. You may be wondering which method gets better results. We have found both methods to be equally effective. We have seen success in businesses posting as often as once a day and as little as twice a month. This means you do not have to change your posting habits. Do what you do (just add your Buzztag).

Efficient Use Of Your Advertising Dollar

How Noisy Is Your Buzz?


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