This Crazy Simple Secret Can Unlock Facebook Advertising for Small Businesses.

Marketing via Facebook SHOULD be crazy simple for small businesses. It’s cheap and easy to create posts or ads. Only takes a couple of clicks to publish content directly to the right audience immediately. Everyone sees your stuff (well…at least in theory)!

At its core, Facebook levels the field for small businesses and allows them to mix right in with the big players on the smartphone everyone has their heads buried in.


Okay, if it really is that simple, why do so many small business operators feel like they suck at Facebook marketing? Pretty much for the same reasons behind all of their other major business challenges:

1) Time: Of all things (with perhaps the exception of money), time is often the most scarce for small businesses. Small biz owners scoff at the idea of a 40-hour work week. More common to think in terms of 12-, 16-, or 18-hour work DAYS. Business owners pour themselves into every aspect of the business, from accounting and HR to maintenance, supply chain and IT. Sadly, marketing often becomes an afterthought – business roadkill that might be addressed tomorrow (if time allows).

We spend so much of our time in the trenches taking care of immediate needs to serve customers who are IN the door, we lose the opportunity to focus on the most important task of getting them there in the first place.

Marketing takes time, which the one thing most business owners often lack the most.

2) Expertise: While Facebook marketing looks so painfully simple from the outside, it really is a wickedly complex blend of science and art. Brilliant marketers at big-time agencies spend their entire workdays consumed with targeting, creative, copy, images – all to earn the ever-elusive click by Facebook users. Big companies pay big bucks for that expertise. Small businesses, not so much.

Audience targeting alone is a truly deep, scientific adventure in Facebook. The breadth of Facebook’s targeting tools is amazing, confusing, powerful, and continually changing. Facebook is constantly adapting how they gather, use and deploy data. Consumers and regulators alike demand transparency and accountability over personal data use. Just keeping up with the changes is a crushing full-time job itself. Remember Time? Time + Expertise is even worse.

3) Money: Even the most successful of small businesses will struggle to make ends meet. Razor-thin margins, competitive pressures, unexpected expenses and tons of other pressures mean every single dollar matters. Errant expense on a failed newspaper or radio ad can blow a whole month’s budget (or worse). It hurts just to think about it. Now we have , Time + Expertise + Money… I’m feeling nauseous.


Fear not, my fellow fair-feathered business owner, after years of duking it out in small business and other entrepreneurial ventures, we cracked the Facebook marketing nut and have made it what it should be – super simple.

Dig around our site for a bit and you’ll really start to see that Buzz Frenzy addresses the three pain points above and much more.

We’ve automated and simplified so much of the Facebook puzzle, small business operators can simply make a Facebook post, add a hashtag and BOOM! People respond. We’ve developed tools that can turn a marketing newbie into an marketing genius in a couple of keystrokes. Many Buzz Frenzy clients learn to dig into the data and take their marketing to new heights. Marketing can actually become fun instead of being a royal pain in the ass!

Small businesses CAN afford powerful Facebook marketing. Our team is made up of small business owners, social media marketing pioneers, and entrepreneurs. We’ve been in the same small biz trenches and faced the same sleepless nights. Give us a try today and you’ll see that powerful Facebook marketing can be had for way less than the cost of that do-nothing, go-nowhere, bland and boring ad on page-12 of the local newspaper.

Don’t worry about cracking the Facebook nut. We’ve done it for you, making the journey to successful Facebook marketing the bee’s knees (had to do it).


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We provide unique solutions for business success through super-simple automated tools.

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The 3 Second Ad: We condense an affordable, effective, and effortless advertising strategy into 3 seconds of typing.

Buzz Frenzy has a love affair with small business. We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that goes into building a business, especially one that is community based. These are businesses built by people who want to do good by their town, to make their cities better, and to give back to their fellow citizens. What’s not to love?



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