The Hills Youth & Family Services is a life-changing and sometimes life-saving organization that provides crucial programming for at-risk youth and their families.

They don’t sell products or services like local businesses do, but The Hills has a critical need to be top-of-mind for teens and families. The organization does so via social media – Facebook, in particular.

The Hills provides three core services, each with specific offerings to address a range of needs of youths and their families.

  • The Hills juvenile justice rehabilitation program offers services ranging from short-term residential intervention to residential treatment to community transition.
  • Cambia Hills provides youth mental health services and treatment for young people ages six and older, including day treatment, residential treatment and community based services.
  • Neighborhood Youth Services provides after school programs to help kids have a sense of belonging and reach their potential. Serving kids ages 5 to 18, the organization offers drop-in programs for enrichment, academics, recreation, and nutrition.

Each service within The Hills uses Facebook extensively to market their respective offerings to people living in and around the Duluth, Minnesota area. And each one has unique objectives and needs when it comes to marketing. Awareness is really important, because when people need youth services, The Hills should be top of mind.

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Tonya Land is the one-person marketing dynamo charged with connecting The Hills with different audiences. It’s a huge task, and she relies heavily on Buzz Frenzy to get the job done.

With responsibility for everything from website updates to social media, strategic marketing planning, newsletters and press releases, Tonya is stretched thin. She has a strong command of digital marketing, but opted to use Buzz Frenzy to streamline social media marketing and get the most out of social media posts.

“What I appreciate most about Buzz Frenzy is how it takes the guesswork out of figuring out who our target audiences are. I don’t have to worry about identifying and re-identifying who we need to reach,” Tonya told us. “Each of our three Facebook pages have their own nuances. We had a pretty good idea of our key audiences prior to using Buzz Frenzy, but now we’ve really been able to hone in on more precise audiences and create posts that resonate better.”

I can make changes in strategy – really fast.


The Hills Holiday Break 2017

Turning basic Facebook posts into Facebook ads with Buzz Frenzy only requires Tonya add the appropriate Buzztag for each of the three core services from The Hills, such as #CambiaHillsHelps or #NYSDuluth. The Buzztag activates Buzz Frenzy to run preset campaigns with advanced psychographic targeting to reach key audiences via Facebook ads.

Advanced reporting allows Tonya to spend more of her time really understanding the types of posts that drive more traffic and engagement. “I was surprised to see what interests people the most,” Tonya said. “Posts for The Hills page are most popular when we recognize the life-changing work of our team members and celebrate their successes. For Neighborhood Youth Services, people engage most when they see posts that show kids diving into the fun activities we provide. The insight helps me refine my social content strategy and allows me to continually test and improve our performance.”

Tonya is able track performance by views, engagement, posting frequency and other metrics. She is able to determine the best frequency for posts, time of day and other variables. “People clearly respond to authentic storytelling, which I see in the results when we post stories about our people or our impact on kids, families and the community. I found we were posting too frequently in some cases, and I discovered posts with taglines or marketing messages didn’t perform as well. So I can make changes in strategy – really fast.”


The Hills July 2018

In the 15 months Tonya has use Buzz Frenzy, Tonya has seen some impressive results, including:

  • Facebook monthly page views:
    • Neighborhood Youth Services from <1,000 (pre-Buzz Frenzy) to 6,000-14,000
    • The Hills from <1,000 to 10,000-15,000 (spikes to 20,000)
    • Cambia Hills from <1,000 to 5,000+
  • Resonance scores increased across all properties
  • Engagements have gone from nearly non existent to into the hundreds and sometimes thousands per month (varies by service page)

“Buzz Frenzy can help marketers, regardless of their experience,” Tonya added. “Particularly when you don’t have a lot of resources and perhaps can’t hire a social media expert, you very well might spend less, see greater results, and wipe out much of the guesswork of marketing.”

“Buzz Frenzy can help marketers, regardless of their experience”


Tonya continues to tap the power of Buzz Frenzy to improve the organization’s overall visibility and leadership in youth services. Most important, though, Tonya’s amazing work helps keep The Hills on the minds of kids and their parents. So when a kid needs help, they know where to turn. And that is how The Hills is life-changing and sometimes life-saving.


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