Blacklist Artisan Ales is an award winning brewery and taproom, specializing in small, hand-crafted batches of top quality beer.

The independent brewery has been in business for six years and has established a strong reputation in its home market of Duluth, Minnesota. Master brewers craft their product with quality, creativity, and culture in mind.

Blacklist is leading a renaissance of sorts, bringing new life and vitality to a once-notorious and blighted building on the east end of Downtown Duluth. Now a hub of a vibrant and growing theater district, Blacklist provides awesome specialty beers to loyal customers and newcomers while being an important part of a resurgence of a hip, energetic part of town.

Blacklist Beer

Blacklist taps the power of Buzz Frenzy to reach customers and showcase events or special promotions happening at the taproom. From live music events to new brews being poured to laughter-inciting trivia nights, Buzz Frenzy competes for attention against several other upstart microbrews that have popped up in the community. As the standard-bearer for excellence in town, Blacklist continually builds meaningful community with its customers.

With an affordable $200 monthly online marketing budget, Blacklist takes advantage of Buzz Frenzy’s powerful audience targeting capabilities to drive the most value from its social media spend. The team pushes to have about five Facebook posts each week to engage with the in-the-know craft beer crowd.

Buzzing Beer Lovers of All Types

Co-owner Jon Loss began using Buzz Frenzy about a year ago. Today, the brewery connects with audiences using two separate Buzz Frenzy “bees” to reach different types of beer lovers. One bee is used for general bars/dining audiences, while the other is use to reach people more interested in theater and the arts, because remember, Blacklist is in the heart of Duluth’s burgeoning theater district.

Blacklist Live

By automatically turning simple Facebook posts into targeted ads, Blacklist is able to boost its reach and engagement with audiences at a low cost. Loss says routine Facebook posts generate relatively low cost engagement, but with more interesting/compelling posts, Buzz Frenzy delivers engagements as low as $0.12.

“Social media is a critical channel for us and Buzz Frenzy gets our name out to our key taproom audiences much more efficiently and at a lower cost compared to traditional media,” Loss notes. “Buzz Frenzy’s targeting takes out thousands of potential audience variables and makes it much faster and more manageable to reach the people we need to reach. It does the heavy lifting on esoteric audience attributes that would take us a long time to do on our own.”

Buzz Frenzy does the heavy lifting on esoteric audience attributes that would take us a long time to do on our own.

Performance data indicates Buzz Frenzy is helping to bring those beer lovers in to Blacklist. The trend overall shows growing interest and attendance at events, performances and the increasingly popular trivia night. The taproom is able to draw people in on nights typically less busy prior to using Buzz Frenzy. Resonance scores help Jon & team refine messaging and ad types to generate posts that hit the mark.

Overall, Loss says they are seeing incremental growth over time – a steady increase DESPITE the fact the craft beer market in Duluth is getting more crowded with a lot of newbies trying to capture the energy and excitement of pioneering brands like Blacklist.


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