Super simple, efficient, automated social marketing will help small businesses target and reach the right customers in their own backyard via Facebook

Buzz Frenzy is one of those concepts that makes others stop and think “man, why didn’t I think of that?” Could it be that those who ask such a question don’t love small businesses as much as we do? Maybe they don’t find extreme satisfaction helping businesses like yours tackle the often-confusing world of digital marketing?

There’s a celebratory air among our entire team right now, because we are taking Buzz Frenzy to more small businesses across the country. By focusing on the needs of small businesses (like yours), the team continually refines every aspect of the service. Buzz Frenzy is now primed and ready to spread some Facebook marketing magic across this great nation.

Small business operators simply don’t have time to diddle around with fads or systems that promise great delivery, but fail to deliver on pretty much anything. We’ve been there. We’re small business owners ourselves and we’ve seen the over-promise-under-deliver small business “solution” trap more times than we care to remember.

The team here chose to work in close cooperation with local businesses in our area (sometimes family and friends who own businesses) to refine the product so it can truly deliver on the promise. Time is at or near the top of your list of scarce resources, so we are committed to helping you save time by taking the process and drudgery out of social media marketing and helping you bring customers in the door.

We even put out one of those fancy press releases [link to release] to make it official and everything. We are formally nationwide and want to help as many small businesses succeed as we can. Check out the press release if you want to read all of that press release stuff. Or just check out our sign up page and give Buzz Frenzy a try for yourself.

Kidding aside, our entire team is committed to helping small businesses tame the social media marketing beast and maybe even reclaim some of that ever-elusive TIME that seems to vanish before the day’s work is actually done.


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We provide unique solutions for business success through super-simple automated tools.
Fearless: We believe anything is possible. Improving: We take huge leaps in little steps. Motivated: We help others be the best they can be. Candid: No if/buts; we work with the facts on the ground. Joyful: Nothing is too serious: this is life, not life and death.
The 3 Second Ad: We condense an affordable, effective, and effortless advertising strategy into 3 seconds of typing.
Buzz Frenzy has a love affair with small business. We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that goes into building a business, especially one that is community based. These are businesses built by people who want to do good by their town, to make their cities better, and to give back to their fellow citizens. What’s not to love?



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At Buzz Frenzy we always preach, the more you spend, the more you reach.