Franchise Operators CELEBRATE! Your Target Audience is Right in Your Backyard. We know How to Find Them 🙂

Franchise operators sometimes find themselves wondering “With so many potential customers SO close, why can’t I reach them?” It’s one of the big challenges franchisees and franchisors face. Locations are selected based, in large part, on the simple numbers – population within X miles and the number of competing offerings in the area.

For many franchise operations, focus for finding customers is often within about ten miles of a location. Let’s be real, whether people are looking for a fitness center, yoga studio, yogurt shop, auto repair, oil change, a quick bite to eat or many of the other things franchises offer, most customers are looking for options close to them.

Of course, your business might nab some passing-by traffic, with customers who just HAPPEN to be in the neighborhood. But most will live or work pretty close. Most franchise businesses are based on convenience, which is great – people LOVE convenience. Human nature is human nature. Few people will drive all the way across town for a workout when they can find the same service in their own neighborhood. Haircut for a teenager? Yeah….mom wants to take Billy somewhere close by. Oil change? Life is all about convenience and… location, location, location.

But wait!!! Why can’t I find those people who crave convenience?????

While it seems impossible, it CAN be quite easy to market to the those people who are close to your business. Forget the local newspaper. Forget expensive radio. Rarely are those options friendly for a franchise operator’s tight marketing budget and you pay to have the wrong people hear or read your ad.

Here’s what’s really cool about social media: Your customers and prospects are pretty much like everyone else. They spend a lot of time scrolling through social media feeds, grazing for information. It’s actually quite easy (and inexpensive) for us to insert your messages directly into the social media feeds of people likely to have an interest in your business AND living within a 10-mile radius of your business.

Our audience targeting experts have crafted really great audiences specific to the needs of a variety of franchise-friendly topics.

How do we do it? For us, it’s pretty simple, because we’ve been honing our Facebook marketing chops since Facebook Ads were born a little more than a decade ago. Facebook allows powerful audience targeting options based on precisely where people live, the things they “like” while reading posts, personal preferences and mountains of other data.

Is someone into fitness? Do they like fashion? Do they have teenage kids? Make a bunch of money? Car nut? Where do they live…exactly? People share a lot about their preferences on Facebook, which allows marketers to tap that information to build really great audiences.


It takes lot of time to become expert in Facebook marketing – time Franchise owners likely don’t have.


We’ve done the hard work for you. Our audience targeting experts have crafted really great audiences specific to the needs of a variety of franchise-friendly topics. You could go out and pay an agency gobs of money to craft such audiences – if you really want to. But again, we’ve done all of that hard work already.

It’s really easy to create buzz about your biz locally starting today. All you need to do is keep posting to Facebook, but use Buzz Frenzy to push that information directly into the feeds of the right customers and prospects who live close by. Your Facebook post – with YOUR Buzz Frenzy buzztag – can make marketing a snap. Investing a few minutes in Facebook posts and a few bucks with us can start getting people in the door of your franchise today.

What works once will work again and again and again

Final note – Franchise operations succeed, in part, because they are built on the concept of repeatability. So is Buzz Frenzy. If you own or manage multiple franchise locations, you can go even deeper with Buzz Frenzy. We can show you how to take that whole notion of repeatable processes and supercharge your marketing across locations. Contact us today to learn more. We want to help your franchise(s) rock your local marketing!


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