Your ads are taking longer to get buzzing.

It’s not you. The Coronavirus is having an impact on Facebook’s ability to review ads. Of all the things that we thought might be impacted by “social distancing”, ad review was not one of them.

Here is what Facebook is saying about reviewing ads in the time of a pandemic:

Ad Reviews Delayed Due to Coronavirus

Ad Review Delays Expected
Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), ad reviews are taking longer than usual. Ad delivery may also be delayed. Due to the global impact of COVID-19, we’re working with our partners to send home all contract workers who perform content and ad review, until further notice.

We remain committed to keeping our platform safe and minimizing disruptions for businesses. Ad reviews are expected to take longer than usual, and this may cause delayed ad delivery. Appeals may also be reduced or experience slower response times.

When new ads are submitted they require review. Also, when ads are edited, such as changing the text, targeting or destination landing page, that will also cause a new review to occur.


When you write a post and add your hashtag Buzz Frenzy will turn that post into an ad. This we all know and love, but it a simplified version of what happens. What actually happens is Buzz Frenzy submits your post to Facebook as an ad. This distinction underscores the fact that we are all still living by Facebook’s rules and must abide by them. Here is what it looks like when you buzz a post:

  1. You add your buzztage to a post.
  2. Buzz Frenzy sees it and says, “Hey, you want to turn that post into an ad! I got it.”
  3. Buzz Frenzy takes your post and gives it to Facebook saying, “I would like to turn this into an ad, please.”
  4. Facebook says, “Sure! No problem. We just have to check to make sure it abides by our policy.”
  5. Facebook places the post into “Pending Review” while Facebook checks it over.
  6. If/When your post makes it through review, Facebook says, “All good here. Your post is now an ad. See you next time. Have a good day.”
  7. If your post does not make it through review, Facebook rejects it saying, “Sorry, buddy. That ain’t gonna work.”
  8. If your post gets rejected, Buzz Frenzy either appeals on your behalf or gets in touch with you to explain what went wrong.

What we are really concerned with right now is the “Pending Review” part of the process. Usually this whole 8 step process takes a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on demand and Facebook’s physical ability to handle the load. Facebook has robots that can handle a good chunk of it, but they also have actual human beings reviewing these ads.

Uh, oh. Human beings and coronavirus don’t work well together

This took longer than expected

This rather cute and seemingly innocuous ad took over 24 hours to make it through “Pending Review”. Quarantine much?

“Pending Review” is the quarantine of Facebook ads.

The entire world population is navigating through “social distancing” and “self quarantining”. This does not exclude Facebook or the human beings it employs to review its advertisements. There are going to be fewer people available to review ads therefore ads will be stuck in “Pending Review” longer than usual.

Also, Facebook works hard to try and prevent the spread of misinformation – this is especially true when it comes to the life or death discussions about a global pandemic. If your post mentions Covid-19, Coronavirus, or anything related to it (“social distancing” and “self quarantining” included) expect an even longer “Pending Review” quarantine.

As with everything in these trying times, patience is going to be very necessary.

Be safe out there, people. And WASH YOUR HANDS!


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