We love you, too!

So many of our customers (bees) have professed their love for our service. It has been incredibly humbling. Thank you for that! We set out to help small businesses by providing a tool that simplifies the complicated, offers real value, and ultimately drives a path to success. Apparently, we are doing exactly that.

Many of you have asked for a simple way of introducing the service to your friends and business associates. You talk, we listen and act…so here we go…Introducing FreeBee!

Here’s the deal: For every new customer you bring to Buzz Frenzy, we will give you $50 toward your account. Yes, $50 for every new bee that signs up through you, so…

1 new account
10 new accounts
1,000 new accounts
1 million new accounts (we can dream)

You’ll see a running tally on your dashboard. When you have money in your FreeBee account, we’ll use it to pay down your balance before we charge your credit card. If you have more in your FreeBee account than you owe, the money will roll over to the next month. So, if you signed up 1 million new customers (bees) and have $50,000,000 in your account, you will probably be using Buzz Frenzy for free for the rest of your life.


You will be getting a FreeBee code from us. You will see this code on your Monthly Buzzness and on your dashboard. It will look something like this: BF-XXXXX. New customers (bees) will have a space to enter this code at checkout. When they use your code, boom, you get $50.


On your Monthly Buzzness and your dashboard you will have access to an email that you can use to send to your friends and business colleagues, new potential customers (bees). The email will include a link to Buzz Frenzy that has your FreeBee code embedded in it. When a new customer clicks on the link, your code will automatically be applied at checkout. Boom, $50!

Your FreeBee code will already be embedded in it!


And just to make this ridiculously simple (that’s what we’re known for around here) you will also see a FreeBee button on your Monthly Buzzness and dashboard. When you click that button, Buzz Frenzy will automatically create a Facebook post that will be advertised on your business’s Facebook page on your behalf. The post will also include a link with your FreeBee code embedded in it, so when someone clicks on the post, they will be redirected to Buzz Frenzy’s signup page with your code already filled out. Boom, another $50!

The FreeBee ad will look something like this:

FreeBee sample ad


We are committed to offering the simplest, most effective tools to help you succeed. Hopefully you will find FreeBee to be another invaluable tool for your arsenal. We sincerely believe that together we can do incredible things!


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Earn $50 for every new customer you sign up!

We’ve made it real simple: You can share your code, send an email, or even buzz an automated post.


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We provide unique solutions for business success through super-simple automated tools.

Fearless: We believe anything is possible.
Improving: We take huge leaps in little steps.
Motivated: We help others be the best they can be.
Candid: No if/buts; we work with the facts on the ground.
Joyful: Nothing is too serious: this is life, not life and death.

The 3 Second Ad: We condense an affordable, effective, and effortless advertising strategy into 3 seconds of typing.

Buzz Frenzy has a love affair with small business. We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that goes into building a business, especially one that is community based. These are businesses built by people who want to do good by their town, to make their cities better, and to give back to their fellow citizens. What’s not to love?



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