Getting people excited about fitness –

and more importantly, getting them into YOUR studio – can seem like a huge challenge. Sure, there are those fitness buffs out there who are all-in, who crave getting to the gym and working up a sweat. But…

The other 95% of the population? Maybe their intent is stronger than their actual action.

It’s important to find simple ways to connect with the masses to get them interested in visiting your studio. Here are some simple tips to help hook ‘em and get ‘em started:


Take pictures. Include people who are actually using your studio. Okay, not every person out there wants their picture taken while they are working out, but I’m sure you can think of a customer or two (or three) who you could approach about doing so.

Catch them in action using your service. Perhaps using your newest elliptical or resistance devices. Maybe they are getting ready for a Hot Yoga class. Think about images that will connect with a person thinking about starting a fitness journey. Don’t show the Hans-and-Franz guy bench pressing 200 pounds. Newbies won’t connect with that. In fact, it will likely scare them off. Show the person doing something that might challenge a potential client, while still being an attainable activity.

The person thinking about getting started will want to envision themselves doing the same thing. Inspire. Motivate. Make it fun. The picture will get their attention.

The first word in “social media” is “social.”


Tell ‘em what’s happening, such as a new class or new equipment, but DON’T SELL ‘EM. What do I mean? There’s a fine line between talking about something and selling it. Barging into a person’s Facebook feed with “Stop in today and get started NOW” can be too invasive. Start a conversation. “We have all new classes starting this Fall to help you feel and look great. We’d love to meet with you to get your fitness questions answered.” Something like that is more inviting. It begins a conversation.

Keep in mind, the first word in “social media” is “social.” People peruse Facebook and other channels to interact with friends and local businesses. So interact with them! Engage with them on their terms and provide some value to boot. You might be surprised how easy it can be.


Provide simple tips to help them on their task. Maybe it’s a quick video that shows the perfect crunch or simple exercises they can do at their desk. A 15-second smartphone video showing a great cadence to hit the bag – “right right right – LEFT….left left left – RIGHT. A simple, useful lesson can get them to click to your site or stop in on their way home from work.

Don’t overthink this approach. The people who come to your studio ask questions and want help. Think of five common questions and create social posts that give a quick lesson on each. BOOM! You just got those prospects to pause in their Facebook feed to learn something useful.

BONUS TIP! If all else fails and you feel like you have nothing to say, just say something silly. Post a fun picture. Your dog standing on a treadmill with a post saying “Time to go for a walk” can earn a smile and a click.

Most importantly – engage with your prospects, help them, and build a connection with them. Put the “social” in your social media outreach.


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