Resonance – One Score To Rule Them All

In the whole “let’s make this as easy as possible” way of thinking, we here at Buzz Frenzy wanted to give you one simple score that would tell you exactly what is working and what is not. We call it resonance, and it’s a real beaut!

Facebook provides a bunch of linear data, which is swell, but doesn’t mean anything unless you can compare it apples-to-apples. What all that Facebook data needs is a metric. A metric is a number you get when you divide one number by another to gain useful insight (think Net Profit). What we do is divide Engagement by Impressions to tell you the percentage of people for whom your post resonates. Hence, Resonance. Clever, huh? So let’s dig into this, shall we?


Engagement is when anyone likes, comments, shares, or clicks on your post. They engage with it. This is the sign of a good post. It means that they didn’t go scrolling past it. They stopped, looked, read and reacted. Engagement is the Mack Daddy, end-all, be-all achievement that all posts strive for. But by itself, it doesn’t mean much. It needs a reference point. It needs impressions.


Impressions are the number of people who saw your post. Simple as that. As a Buzzed post it will show up on someone’s newsfeed in Facebook. Boom! 1 impression. 1,000 people see it, 1,000 impressions. Easy enough. Buzz Frenzy tracks both paid and organic impressions.


A paid impression is when you spend money for someone to see your post. Someone sees your post, you pay 12¢ (or whatever). These are the people we are targeting: the people who want what you are selling, but aren’t necessarily actively following you. This is what you are paying for.


Organic impressions are people who see your post that you don’t pay for (WHAT?!). Yeah, these are people who already follow you, or (importantly) have seen your post because one of their friends liked it, commented on it, or shared it – they engaged with it. Organic impressions are what we are looking for because they are free.

You will notice something here: if a paid impression engages with your post it will drive more organic impressions. What we are doing is paying for organic impressions. The more a post engages, the more it will impress. Tricky business, this!

The more a post engages, the more it will impress.


So, we have engagement. We have impressions. Divide one into the other and we have the percentage of people for whom your post resonates… so what? How about this? Let’s take a look at a graph representing only the impressions for a series of posts.

Dashboard Graph Without Resonance

Here is a graph showing the total impressions for a series of posts (gold=paid, purple = organic). Using only impressions, which post of 1, 2, or 3 looks like it is doing the best? #2, right? It’s got 2,250 impressions compared to #1 and #3 that are hovering around the 2,000 mark each.

Now let’s add the Resonance Score to each post and see if that changes our minds.

Dashboard Graph

Here is the same data with the bottom graph showing the corresponding resonance score for each post. Which post do you think is performing better now? #3 is killing it! #1, with fewer impressions, has a better Resonance Score than #2. #3 with about the same impressions as #1 is blowing it out of the water with a Resonance Score (8.36) more than double of #1’s (4.04) and more than four and a half times #2’s (1.80).

Now we’re getting somewhere!


Now that you have this valuable information at your fingertips you can learn from it to Buzz better posts. From your dashboard you will see a list of your most recent posts. Sort them by Resonance Score to find out what your customers enjoy seeing from you. Then Buzz more posts with those as your guide.

The more you use it and the more you learn from it, the better your posts will become.


Many people ask, “What’s a good Resonance Score?” The answer is, your last best Resonance Score. Resonance Scores vary wildly between and within industries. It depends on who your customers are and how they interact with social media. Two restaurants sitting side by side in the same neighborhood will have vastly different scores. It’s almost impossible to compare them and get valuable insight. The best thing to do is to strive to beat your own record. By constantly improving you will eventually set your own standard and know your customers even better.

The best Resonance Score is your last best Resonance Score.


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Engagement / Impressions = Resonance

Resonance shows the percentage of people for whom your post resonates.

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