A successful content creation business, Runway Manhattan covers glamour, fashion, high-style events and hot trends from Milan to Sweden, New York to Paris, Dubai to Los Angeles.

Here’s the twist: The Runway Manhattan team unabashedly creates and distributes its content worldwide from, of all places, the flannel-clad Northwoods getaway of Duluth, Minnesota. Runway Manhattan is an unlikely player mixing in among the world’s top echelon fashion publishers.

Runway Manhattan Co-Founder Markus Mueller

New summer lines being debuted on a fashion runway in NYC? Hot fashion event with top designers and models along the Riviera? New trend buzzing in the Middle East or Far East? The Runway Manhattan creators are on it.

They craft exceptional content – blending video, images and words to capture the hot fashion stories for discerning readers and viewers around the world. After curating content and ideas, Runway Manhattan sells images, videos, stories and coverage to editors and producers with top tier media outlets anywhere in the world – all from a small, nondescript newsroom overlooking the idyllic western tip of Lake Superior.

Runway Manhattan Post

So, how does Buzz Frenzy adapt for a player like Runway Manhattan? They aren’t trying to reach customers in a ten-mile radius. They aren’t trying to use Facebook posts and ads to entice people to come into their store to buy stuff, take a fitness class or sample great local cuisine. Runway Manhattan sells hot fashion content to discerning-and-hard-to-reach editors, publishers and content distributors around the world.

Read on to understand this small business’ unique application of Buzz Frenzy for sophisticated PR-meets-sales-meets-haute couture publishing at national and international scale.


The Runway Manhattan newsroom is always tracking the cutting edge of fashion. A tight knit group of Minnesota-based content creators pairs up with a select cadre of top photographers and videographers who work the fashion hotbeds for the images, video and sounds that sell the newest trends.

Markus Mueller is one of the founders of Runway Manhattan. A 25-year veteran of the media industry, he is well connected and understands the industry inside and out. Markus knew today’s highly connected world would allow Runway Manhattan to drive content from anywhere. The team must reach nomadic editors and publishers – women and men who are the gatekeepers of what gets ink and what doesn’t. They travel from event to event, soaking up trends, designs, gossip and insider insight about what’s coming up next season.

Runway Manhattan needs to reach these important influencers.

Runway Manhattan’s bees “travel” to different locales all the time.

While most small businesses place their Buzz Frenzy Bee right where their business exists (to draw those customers from close by), Runway Manhattan’s bees “travel” to different locales all the time. When Fashion Week hits New York, Runway Manhattan’s Buzz Frenzy Bee goes where the action is. When movers and shakers hit Paris, Helsinki, Dubai or elsewhere, the bee “goes” there too.

Runway Manhattan Header


Data reigns supreme at Runway Manhattan. Runway Manhattan uses Buzz Frenzy to test different audiences’ reactions to specific content. The team compares how images, words, style, and videos perform in different regions. “Buzz Frenzy allows us to test whether Facebook posts of certain types reach audiences better – not just reaching their screens, but knowing what kind of content leads to engagement,” Markus notes. “We can look at regional differences in how specific content performs, giving us insight into what content should work well for the fashion editors in each region.”

Runway Manhattan’s content pros use that data and insight to test hunches, compare images, test messages, plan content, contact editors, secure placements, and continually improve their go-to-market strategy.

“Summer fashion was hot on their minds in the middle of winter, so we pushed summer content their way to help close the deal.”

“We tested certain images and content for summer-related fashion and found unexpected uptick in interest in New York in the dead of winter,” Markus explained. “It turned out, certain editors were planning content further out than we expected. Summer fashion was hot on their minds in the middle of winter, so we pushed summer content their way to help close the deal.”

All the while, Runway Manhattan uses Buzz Frenzy’s targeting to expose fashion media powerbrokers to great content so the right people see it at the right time. If a big meeting is happening in which content decisions are being made, the Buzz Frenzy Bee can be placed in the right locale to keep Runway Manhattan top of mind.


In addition to selling its own curated content to publishers, Runway Manhattan developed a powerful selling machine for independent creators to get their content out to the world. The team has developed a keyword-fueled library of user-generated images that could be of interest to publishers. In fact, 25,000+ fashion-related keywords allow for extreme searchability along with deep insight into what makes specific audiences tick.

Runway Manhattan = Fashion

Layer on the related insight from Buzz Frenzy’s reporting tool and the team is well positioned to help its clients get their images published and make more money in the process.


So, does Runway Manhattan’s unique use of Buzz Frenzy apply to a local salon, pizza place, auto repair shop or other highly localized business? In many ways, it absolutely does. Runway Manhattan seeks to reach audiences in local areas (their markets just hop around the globe and happen to be in trendy hot spots). They want to reach those targetable audiences with their messages quickly and easily. Runway Manhattan wants its audience of fashion editors and movers & shakers to know the brand and turn to the brand when it’s time to make content purchasing decisions.

While Runway Manhattan’s use of Buzz Frenzy for data and analysis likely differs from that of most local businesses, it highlights the ability for entrepreneurs to think creatively and apply the tool in innovative ways to understand their audience.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re pushing pizza, Pilates, paparazzi pics, or prominent press for fashion editors, when your audience is identifiable and local, your Buzz Frenzy Bee can help you find customers, understand them, engage, and sell stuff. What works on Main Street to reach locals in your town can actually help Runway Manhattan target the Champs-Élysées to reach top fashion players.


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