Oh the grand plans!

Just think of things you will do. How monumental life will be when you have done all the things, and kicked all the butts, and took all the names! OMG!

Well, get on with it already! Too many people stand around admiring their plans and never do anything. Maybe they are frozen by indecision. Maybe they are frightened of what may happen next. Maybe the plans they have made don’t include the first step.


Procrastination takes many shapes. Indecision? Yep, that’s procrastination. Fear? Oh yeah, that’s procrastination. Piss-poor planning? Ugh, that’s the most insidious one. Any inability to move forward is your brain giving in to procrastination. So, if you find yourself just standing there, take a step. Any step will do.

Let’s kick these walls down, shall we?

Indecision is caused by having more than one choice to make: A or B (and sometime C). If the choice is obvious, well, make the obvious choice already. But if, after weighing the pro and cons, you find either choice equally groovy, then you are in a no-lose situation. Problem is, your brain starts thinking that one has to outweigh the other, and will flip back and forth between the two without ever making the choice. Same thing happens when you have two equally crappy choices: one has to be better, right? NO! Either is fine, make a choice. All things being equal, all things are equal. Take a step!

Fear is a crazy form of procrastination in that you have the plan, know what to do, but hesitate in the face of the unknown. Are you going to win? Are you going to lose? The answer to those questions are only answered after you take the step. You might think that fear of losing is the bigger hesitant of the two, but people squirm at the spectre of winning just as often. Failure means you dust yourself off and try again – “Daring greatly” and all that jazz. Life doesn’t change that much save for an interesting story to tell. Success is a life altering scenario. Success means more decisions, more details… just more of everything. The weight of all that “more” can be too much burden to handle. But, here’s the thing: all that weight doesn’t pile on all at once. It’s not a safe falling from the 30th floor. It’s little by little. Bit by bit. You get stronger with each bit. The more that piles on, the better you are able to handle it. Success is just as much an (if not a more) interesting story to tell. Take a step!

All things being equal, all things are equal.

Piss-poor planning is the worst. If you haven’t made a plan, well, I know what your next step is: make a plan (Seriously. Now. Stop reading). But, if you have made a plan and haven’t included a first step, the whole thing will look like one giant step, and that’s not really a plan. You will be frozen by the daunting overwhelmingness of it all. What you need to do is take your “plan” and break it into chewable bites. Then take those bites and put them in order of what needs to be done before the other. This is the classic A before B thing. Which sounds simple until you are forced to organize your own alphabet. But, seriously, if task “A” has to happen before task “B” will even work, put them in that order – then concentrate on task “A”. Take a step!

So, if you are looking to move forward, or move at all, the first trick is to not stand still. There are butts to kick and names to take. Take a step.


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