At Buzz Frenzy we like to take incredibly complicated things and make them incredibly simple.

That would be good enough if our brains weren’t such curious little buggers. If they weren’t so curious, we would just say, “hey, just put a hashtag on your post and we’ll turn it into an ad for you”.

BUT The human mind is curious, eager, and insatiable. We humans need to know little things like “how it works”. Ugh. So, now we here at Buzz Frenzy have to take an incredibly simple thing and explain how it is made from incredibly complicated things.

Enter The Analogy!


We have bees! (Quick jump in a lake). Actually, we like bees because around here we deal with bee analogies. A lot. Through this bee analogy we’re able to explain how simple our complicated system really is… or how complicated our simple system is… or… nevermind. Trust me, you’ll catch on real quick. That’s the beauty of analogies.

Every business that signs up for Buzz Frenzy, we consider a bee.

Buzz Frenzy Bee

This is what a bee looks like to us.

Beautiful, isn’t it? A bee has certain elements to it, and once you understand them, it makes what we do a little easier to understand. So here we go… Anatomy of a Bee:


Someone has to pay for the service. Sure, sure… it would be great if this wasn’t the case and everything was free and we lived in a world not of material wealth, but of fulfillment through human kindness and caring. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Until then, rent is due.


Someone has to login (or at least sign up the first time). This may seem rather obvious, but it is also rather important. The login lets us know who is going to see the dashboard, who can makes changes, you know… who is going to take responsibility for the care of this bee. It’s not a huge responsibility, but a responsibility nonetheless.

Needing someone to pay and someone to login is pretty standard operating procedure for any service you sign up for.

The next 4 segments of the bee are the things that make Buzz Frenzy tick.


Our job is to automate advertising on your Facebook feed, so knowing what page to look at is… kinda important. Your page can be anything but a personal profile (you can’t advertise on a personal profile pages – go figure!), so if you’re a business, or a charity, or a celebrity, yeah, we’re good with that. Once set up, our software continuously scans your page looking for a post with (trumpets, please) your buzztag… It’s like going on a long road trip with kids in the backseat, Buzz Frenzy is constantly checking in, “have you used your buzztag yet?” “Have you used your buzztag yet?” “Have you used your buzztag yet?” Although far less annoyingly.


#buzztag #thisiswhatwearelookingfor #yeahbaby Your buzztag is any word or phrase you want to use to trigger an ad. Put it on a Facebook post, our software finds the buzztag, grabs the post, and turns it into an ad! Yay! The buzztag looks just like any other hashtag, it’s just that there is a little magic behind it, so we call a buzztag. It’s like a Trojan horse (or Trojan bee) in that your customers won’t be surprised to see it in your post. They kind of expect it. They don’t need to know it’s triggering an ad for you.

You can put your buzztag anywhere in your post: in the beginning, stuffed in the middle, dangling at the end. Our software doesn’t care, so long as it is there. It can come from anywhere: Hootsuite, Hubspot – yeah, we don’t care. You have your Instagram account linked to your Facebook page (smart) – yeah, we’ll find the buzztag and buzz your post.


We need to know what you do. Why? Because that’s how we know how to target customers for your business. I don’t want to brag, or anything, but ultimately we here at Buzz Frenzy are targeting superstars. We’re kind of a big deal. What does that mean to you? It means we know how to make sure your buzzed posts are being seen by people who want to hear what you’re saying.

Every and any time someone clicks, comments, shares, or likes a post Facebook takes notice. They gather all that information together to understand what people are interested in and then offer that information to advertisers who use it to make advertising smarter. As individuals, we kind of freak out over that. As marketers, we love it! And, I can make an argument that smarter advertising makes for a better social media experience. Think about it, if you are a dude who likes to play soccer on the weekends, you probably don’t want to see ads for maternity clothes. That’s a waste of your time and the advertiser’s money.

This is called psychographic targeting (which is a horribly awful word, but it is what it is). Facebook has literally thousands of psychographic choices to be used to pinpoint customers who want what you are selling. We here at Buzz Frenzy have curated psychographic targeting for hundreds of business categories. Pick the category for your business and the targeting is done. You don’t have to go digging through the quagmire of Facebook’s backend to try and figure it out on your own. We’re the professionals, we’ve already done the dirty work. You… you should sit back and relax.


The Community Engagement Zone (C.E.Z.) is a 20 mile diameter circle (314 square miles) around a centerpoint of your choosing in which Buzz Frenzy pushes your advertising. Why 20 miles? It is from within this area where most of your customers will feed from and where your customers identify as their community.

As social animals we like to know what is going on with our friends and family. We like to know what is happening in our community. As a business within that community, your customers are intrinsically interested in what you are doing. Thus, it is important to have your social conversation in this community.

This is the most heartwarming aspect of advertising with Buzz Frenzy. This connection with community is the most powerful feature of the story you tell. These are your friends and neighbors… and you get to talk to them.


And the sweet, sweet honey that comes out of all of this is Post Data. Buzz Frenzy tracks information about all of your buzzed posts – like impressions, engagement, and (most importantly) the Resonance Score. All of this post data can be viewed, tracked, and learned from on your dashboard.

This post data will show you which posts are working well and which are not working so well. You can use the information to guide you to better post creation and to hone in on what your customers want to hear from you.


There you have it. We’ve satiated your brains curiosity. Our signup simply asks you for these 4 things and then you’re done. You can forget about it. Buzz Frenzy takes care of all of that complicated mumbo-jumbo so you (and your brain) can relax and get back to thinking about what is really important – your business.

From here on out you can simply add your buzztag to your Facebook posts and be done with it.

Kinda nice to be a Bee!


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We Need 4 Things To Create A Bee

1) A Facebook URL, 2) a Buzztag, 3) a business category, 4) a community engagement zone.


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