Sometimes the biggest barrier to trying something new is fear of just taking the plunge:

Jumping in a lake (a literal plunge). Asking someone out for a first date (a figurative plunge). Working out (this is more like a “squat”, but you get the picture).


But here’s the deal: doing nothing today means you’ll still be thinking “I really oughtta do that” tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. It is only when you dare to take the plunge, that amazing things start to happen. The lake is like bathwater. The person says yes to the date. You get healthier. Good things only happen when YOU decide to DO something.

Marketing your business with Buzz Frenzy is much the same for our first-time clients. Many times it seems too simple. People think, “It can’t be that easy” or they fear it might not work.

But it is that simple, it is that easy, and it does work. You have to take the plunge, or (to borrow the words of one iconic athletic shoe maker)… JUST DO IT!

Here are three simple tips to help you get started:

1) COMMIT. Block time on your calendar to get started. First time out, allow some extra time – maybe 30 minutes. Determine that today is the day and get started. The first step can seem a little intimidating, first steps always do, but you know you have to crank up your game in social media marketing – so you know you have to take the step. You have a great tool in Buzz Frenzy to make it work (even if you’re not quite sure yet how it will work).

Remember that the first step is half the journey. By making an actual appointment on your calendar “Start Buzzing My Business”, you’re halfway there!

2) SELECT A TOPIC. You know your customers. You, more than anyone, know what is important to them. What are their needs? How does your product solve their problem? How easy is it get started with your product or service? Think of something fun, cool, valuable or entertaining to post. Then craft a Facebook post that speaks to your customers on THEIR terms. Check out Facebook posts from companies you admire or things that drew you in to other brands for some inspiration.

Simple, short, engaging – on the customer’s terms. “Planning that summer trip, but the body ain’t beach-ready yet? We can help!” or “Friday’s not here, but you’re feeling stressed? Check out our ‘Friday’s coming’ free Yoga trial.” Your business on their terms.

Add your Buzztag and you’re pretty much there!

3) BE PATIENT. Buzz Frenzy works like magic, but it doesn’t magically teleport people into your business (if it could, it would). Buzz Frenzy is a powerful way to have a conversation with potential customers. It usually takes 2, 3, 4 or maybe a few more touches with a brand before anyone takes action. Think about how you function as a customer. Rarely do you see an ad and say “damn, I need that NOW!” and magically teleport to that business.

Guess what? Your customers are exactly like YOU. A few might jump right in, but in most cases the first post simply makes them say “Hmmmmmm….that’s kinda cool.” Keep that conversation going because that engagement is amazing and will pay off over time.

Tip #3 is often the toughest for small business owners to overcome. We all want the immediate validation that something works. But, just like working out, you aren’t going to have six-pack abs right away. It can take a little time. But you’ll feel better immediately just for starting. So be patient. Buzz and buzz again (and again).

Buzz Frenzy makes it super affordable to get your message in front of customers. So make that commitment and start buzzing today.


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