Buzz Frenzy has a very fluid system.

If you want to use it in a certain way, you probably can. It’s very easy to do. Of course, the problem with saying, “do anything you want with it” implies that people know what they want to do with it in the first place.

What we are going to do here is show you different variations of how Buzz Frenzy is being used. Once you understand how fluid it is, you are going to have more fun in this playground. So let’s start at the top:


Most of the businesses using Buzz Frenzy start off as a straight-up standard bee. It’s pretty straightforward, and this is what it looks like:

1 Post + 1 Buzztag + 1 Biz Cat + 1 CEZ = 1 Ad

There is nothing too confusing here at all. So, putting a buzztag on a post generates an ad to a certain targeted group in a certain targeted location. 1 post = 1 ad. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

We have a masseuse using Buzz Frenzy. She is a standard bee, as she is targeting people in her community that want and/or need a massage. Using Buzz Frenzy at $50 per month, she is booked 6 weeks out. She is very happy with that and needs nothing more. (She is my masseuse and now I can’t get in with her – alas, the price of a client’s success)


Very often a business wants to do more with their bees and we don’t like saying no, so we let them. Every bee in Buzz Frenzy has the ability to add another bee. When this happens, we call it a Hive (pretty clever, eh?) Depending on what a business is trying to accomplish, these hives can take many different shapes. In fact, there can be infinite variations. But, we’ll just start with a few…

Every Bee in a Hive is a separate cost.


The most common hive is one with 2 Community Engagement Zones. The business is advertising in one geographic location and has a need to advertise in another. It looks like this:

1 Post + 1 Buzztag + 1 Biz Cat + 2 CEZ = 2 Ads

The 2 bees in this hive are identical, except for their Community Engagement Zones. What that means is the business creates 1 post and puts their buzztag on it. Buzz Frenzy takes the post and turns it into 2 different ads with the same targeting. 1 runs in one location, the other in a separate location. If both bees cost $50, then the total cost for this setup is $100 per month.

We have a hardware store using a bee set up to advertise locally. They also get customers from a neighboring town, so they set up a hive with a second bee that advertises there. 1 Post = 2 ads in 2 locations.

There is an author using Buzz Frenzy on a book tour. She has 1 bee set up to advertise where she currently is on tour. She has a second bee set up to advertise in the town she is going to next. As she moves from town to town, she leapfrogs her bees so that there is always one where she is at and one where she is going. 1 post = 2 ads in 2 locations.


Every once in a while we have a business who is trying to reach 2 different types of customers, so they set up a second bee with a different business category.

1 Post + 1 Buzztag + 2 Biz Cats + 1 CEZ = 2 Ads

The 2 bees in this hive are identical, except for their Business Category. What that means is the business creates 1 post and puts their buzztag on it. Buzz Frenzy takes the post and turns it into 2 different ads with 2 sets of targeting in the same location. If both bees cost $50, then the total cost for this setup is $100 per month.

We have a brewery and taproom that targets people who like to drink beer. Their taproom is also located in the center of a theater district, so they set up a hive with a second bee that targets theater goers. 1 Post = 2 ads with 2 different targets.


Often a business wants a little more control of what is getting buzzed to whom. They can easily do this by setting up separate buzztags to trigger different things.

2 Posts + 2 Buzztags + 1 Biz Cat + 2 CEZs = 2 Ads

Here the 2 bees have the same targeting, and 2 different CEZs. To trigger an ad in the first CEZ the business uses the first Buzztag. To trigger an ad in the second CEZ they use the second CEZ. If the business wants the same post to run in both CEZs at the same time, they simply include both Buzztags in the same post. If both bees cost $50, then the total cost for this setup is $100 per month.

We have a job placement company that works in 2 distinct locations. The jobs they are advertising in one location aren’t necessarily the same jobs in the other location. They can keep control of where the posts are buzzed by using different hashtags. If both locations need to see the same post, they include both buzztags. 2 posts = 2 different ads in 2 different locations with the same targeting.


Buzz Frenzy isn’t limited to one or two bees. A business can set up an infinite amount of bees for, say, an infinite amount of locations.

1 Post + 1 Buzztag + 1 Biz Cat + 6 CEZs = 6 Ads

Here we have 6 bees set up in 6 different CEZs. The business can add their 1 buzztag to 1 post and Buzz Frenzy will create 6 separate ads to run in 6 different locations simultaneously. If each bee cost $50, then the total cost for this setup is $300 per month.

We have a restaurant chain with 6 different locations. Their social media advertising is handled centrally by the main office. They are able to add 1 buzztag to 1 post to create an advertisement for all 6 of their locations at once. 1 post = 6 ads in 6 different locations.


After you understand how fluid Buzz Frenzy can be, you can start getting creative with how to use it.

1 Post + 2 Buzztags + 2 Biz Cats + 2 CEZs (each) = 4 Ads

In this setup, a business can use 2 different buzztags to trigger 2 different things to happen. 1 buzztag will send 2 ads with a certain set of targeting to 2 different locations. Using the other buzztag will create an ad with different targeting to 2 different locations.

We have a hotel that gets its customers from its hometown and a neighboring city. They like to advertise not only as a hotel, but also as a wedding event space. They have a buzztag that triggers an ad as a hotel in the 2 locations. They also use a different buzztag to trigger an ad for wedding event space in the 2 locations. If a post is appropriate for both targets, they put both buzztags on the same post. 2 posts = 4 ads with 2 sets of targeting in 2 locations.


Okay, so far, you’re all like, “whatever, that’s easy. I want something truly weird.” Alright. We can accommodate your desire for something a tad more… nuts. Remember, this is just an example. If you can think of something crazier, go for it. We can handle it.

1 Post + 1 Buzztag + 3 Biz Cats + 3 CEZs = 4 Ads

In this Rube Goldbergian arrangement a business can use 1 buzztag on a post to trigger 4 ads. 2 ads running in 2 different location with the same targeting, and the other 2 ads running in 1 location with 2 sets of targeting.

We don’t have anyone actually using Buzz Frenzy this way, but if I were to venture a guess, it would be something like: There is a bar that also sells vintage vinyl albums. Also, the place is always being cited as an eclectic joint that out-of-towners should definitely see. So the owner sets up buzztag that triggers 2 ads in his hometown, 1 for being a bar and the other for people who like vintage albums. The same buzztag creates ads to run in 2 neighboring towns targeting tourists.

…or something like that…

Now you have a better understanding of how fluid Buzz Frenzy is, you can have more fun with it. If you want to use it in a certain way, go for it. We won’t stop you.

To create a hive you need to add a bee to your account. You’ll see that link in the upper right corner of your dashboard. It says “Add A Bee”. The system will ask you a series of questions to lead you through the process. Much of it is just like when you set up you original bee. It’s pretty easy. 

Have fun in this playground. Looking forward to seeing how you use your hive.


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