Targeted marketing is like being a good host.

Let’s say you are going to throw a party. You’re planning on having 50 people over for a little bit of food and some adult beverages. You, being a good host, know that a few of your friends are vegan, so you put out a fruit and vegetable platter for them. You also know that a few other of your friends are on some sort of paleo diet, so you put out a meat tray for them. You have a friend that likes to drink gin, so you make sure you have that gin on hand. Some people like craft beer, so you stock up on that. Some other friends prefer cider, so you get some of that as well. You also know that a couple of your friends are teetotalers, so you make a booze-free drink specifically just for them. You are a great host.

By now you know there is analogy coming and you are probably thinking, “in this analogy, as a business owner, I am the host in this situation.” Sorry, you’re wrong. In this analogy you, as the business owner, are the meat tray.

Yes, you are the meat tray.

Let me explain.

Here you are as a meat tray and you have 50 potential customers you can market to. You can spend your marketing budget anyway you want. So, here is the question: why would you ever spend any money advertising to the vegans? The answer is you wouldn’t. If it were possible, you simply would not spend any money advertising your meat tray to people you know do not want meat. That would be downright foolish.

You would definitely spend your money on the paleo people – that’s a no brainer. But there are also people at this party who have been known to eat meat. You’d want to advertise to them as well.

So, if you are the meat tray in this analogy, who is the host? That’s right, Buzz Frenzy is.

We at Buzz Frenzy know how to target your customers. We know who the paleo people are. We know who the vegans are. We know that our friend Scott has been seen eating steak. Diane is on record saying she likes hot dogs. Susan, Mark, and Sasha had a long discussion on how to cook a ham. We know all the people at the party who have either indicated they like meat, have commented about meat, and/or have shared stories about meat.

We know all of this because we are a great host.

On Facebook we can target people who have liked, commented, or shared things that would indicate they would like your product or service. So, those are the only people we show your business to.

We do not sell meat trays to vegans. Let us be the host. You be the meat tray.

And be the best damned meat tray you can be.


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